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hand-crafted, small batch bow ties

Charlie Masters handcrafts each bow tie, sharing good vibes, heart, and song throughout the entire design and building process. He begins with the finest materials, hand-selected from the most respected fabric suppliers in Philadelphia and New York City. Each Charlie Makes bow tie is double-sided and reversible, providing the wearer with four distinct looks. Coconut, two-hole, buttons and pink-accented buttonholes are used to fasten the two tie halves together. The bows are given a final touch of an iconic pink Charlie Makes logo. All bow ties are self-tie, tied by the individual wearer. Bow ties are adjustable to neck sizes between 14" and 19". 

a different bow

Charlie Makes bow ties are remarkable, distinct, and versatile. Designed to be worn in all settings, Charlie Makes bows look great with a suit and double monk straps as well as with jeans and your favorite Vans.

meet charlie

Founder, Charlie Masters, likes to make things. In addition to making custom bow ties, he has been making music since the age of three and a half. Music is a significant influence in Charlie's selection of complimenting fabrics, as he strives to create the duality of harmony and dissonance. Additionally, he constructs syncopated rhythmic designs with each tie through double sided and reversible patterns. He believes there are no wrong notes.